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2022 Mount Rozier Mountain Range Pinot Noir

2022 Mount Rozier Mountain Range Pinot Noir
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13.5%




100% Pinot Noir


A fruit-forward nose that's unforgettable. Lots of red fruits like cranberry, ripe strawberry, plums, and hints of violets infiltrate the nostrils.


Like picking red berries hiking up a mountain range, the palate is full of red fruits and a smooth, slightly sweet finish.



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More about this wine from W.O. Coastal-Stellenbosch, South Africa
Get ready for a wild ride through the Stellenbosch and Western Cape regions of South Africa with our 2022 Mount Rozier Pinot Noir. This wine is like a safari for your taste buds, exploring the untamed, sustainable vineyards that give birth to the bold and playful character of this South African gem. Imagine the expansive landscapes of Stellenbosch and Western Cape – a realm where mountains meet the ocean, and vineyards sprawl like the savannah. It's in these untamed terroirs that our Pinot Noir takes root.

"Mount Rozier" pays homage to the majestic peak that overlooks the vineyards. In Afrikaans, "Rozier" means "rosy," capturing the rosy hues of the South African sunset that bathe the mountain in warm light. This wine is a tribute to the beauty of Mount Rozier and the vibrant energy it imparts to the grapes.
How to drink it

Pro Tip:

Spice up your palate with peri-peri chicken skewers. The bold and zesty peri-peri marinade complements the wine's lively character, creating a tantalizing combination that brings a touch of South African heat to your dining experience.

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Mountain Man- Liz Cooper, The Stampede

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