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2021 Matt Iaconis Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

2021 Matt Iaconis Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13.5%




100% Pinot Noir


Take a sniff, and you'll find yourself in a fragrant garden of red delights. Imagine the aroma of ripe strawberries, a hint of cherry, and a touch of earthiness – it's like nature's own potpourri.


Wild raspberry and bright cherry flavors meet savory spice and silky smoothness in this lighter style of Pinot Noir.



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More about this wine from Sonoma Coast, California
Matt Iaconis is a rocket scientist that was studying to be an astronaut before he decided wine was even cooler than space. So he dropped aeronautics and picked up a degree in winemaking from UC Davis.

This Pinot Noir is a gem straight from the scenic landscapes of the Sonoma Coast, where the grapes soak up the coastal sunshine, creating a wine that's as cool and laid-back as the ocean breeze.

Matt took his careful time to make this Pinot one of his best, but you're nearly out of time to get your hands on some bottles. Only 977 cases available.

Sonoma Coast's influence is evident in every sip, making this Pinot Noir a true reflection of California's coastal coolness. So, pour a glass, kick back, and let the coastal magic unfold!
How to drink it

Pro Tip:

Besides Pinot Noir and pizza being the ultimate pairing, seared duck is also a huge hit! But, why not combine the two while you're at it?

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