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2019 La Gondola Merlot

2019 La Gondola Merlot
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12%




100% Merlot


Black currants and plums stretching out for hours on end in the sun.


Ripe cherries and strawberries in a bar fight.



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More about this wine from Delle Venezie, Italy
Hailing from the Venice, Italy region, this aptly named red wine, La Gondola, is just about everything you love and want from a Merlot. Its ruby red in color and its expression is soft and mellow, but with very obvious hints of earth and fruit. The great thing about Merlot is it’s a wine for all seasons — and it will go perfectly with your roast meats or veggie crudités. It also happens to be so easy-drinking that you may miss the fact that you’ve gone through a few bottles, so we recommend stocking up on a few.
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Ever had duck tacos? Neither had we, and these go perfectly with this Merlot.

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