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2019 Cellier des Chartreux "Le Chant du Merle" Merlot

2019 Cellier des Chartreux "Le Chant du Merle" Merlot
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13.5%




100% Merlot


Cherry duels Baking Spice for all your olfactory receptors' affection


Lush and smooth like Usher cutting a rug across the back of your tongue and cheeks



Out of 30 ratings


More about this wine from IGP Gard, Mediterranean Coast, France
Yuuummmm. There is always a place and time for a 100% French Merlot that is lovingly planted in clay and limestone soils, reared in the easy breezy climates of the Mediterranean. This is one of those easy drinking, full-bodied Merlots you just can’t get enough of — either sipping it on its own or paired with a super juicy, grilled sausage or a platter of your fave charcuterie. It shows a lot of character and with each sip you’ll find a lovely balance and elegance within its robust cherry and dark fruit flavors.
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Pro Tip:

This French juice is screaming for sausage. This Cast-Iron Pizza with Fennel and Sausage made for an excellent and easy weeknight match for this vino.

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U Got It Bad - Usher

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