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2022 Mare Viva White Blend

2022 Mare Viva White Blend
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12.5%




Roupiero & Rabo-de-Ovelha


This wine is an aromatic exploration with hints of citrus and notes of tropical fruits.


The taste adventure unfolds with crisp green apple waves, sailing alongside the juicy nuances of peach and a touch of sea-spray zest.



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More about this wine from Alentejano Region, Portugal
"Mare Viva" translates to "Alive Sea" in Portuguese—a poetic nod to the vivacity of the Atlantic that caresses the Alentejano shores.

Picture vineyards stretching like rolling hills, and you've found the heart of Mare Viva in Alentejano. This region, kissed by the Atlantic breeze, is where our white blend sets sail. It captures the spirit of Portuguese adventure, inviting you to join the voyage as each sip unfolds a story of the vibrant landscapes that shape this unique wine.

Crisp and refreshing in nature, this wine is everything you want a white wine to be. The balance of the two grapes is perfect. The Rabo-de-Ovelha is a big and bold grape, packed with flavor. The Roupeiro is more subtle and balancing. With the two together, you have a simply delicious wine.
How to drink it

Pro Tip:

Embrace the coastal charm with grilled sardines adorned with fresh lemon and herbs. The savory and briny notes of the sardines harmonize with the wine's sea-spray zest, creating a maritime symphony that transports you to the shores of Alentejano.

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