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2022 Andaravio Tempranillo-Bobal

2022 Andaravio Tempranillo-Bobal
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13%




Tempranillo & Bobal


The nose is greeted with the perfume of ripe red berries, reminiscent of Spanish markets brimming with fresh fruits and a whisper of Mediterranean herbs.


Juicy red cherries, a hint of blackcurrant, and a touch of spice that evokes the spirit of traditional Spanish cuisine.



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More about this wine from Spain
Picture yourself in the sprawling vineyards of Spain, where the 2022 Andaravio takes root. Located in the soul-stirring landscapes of this diverse country, our wine captures the essence of Spain. From the mountainous terrains to the coastal breezes, every sip invites you to explore the dynamic terroir that shapes its personality.

"Andaravio" is more than a word; it's a journey in itself. Derived from Spanish roots, it encapsulates the idea of moving forward with spirit and vigor. This wine is an invitation to embrace the spirited essence of Spain, encouraging you to take a step into the dynamic world of Andaravio.
How to drink it

Pro Tip:

Infuse a touch of Spanish flair into your main course with a succulent pork tenderloin seasoned with smoky paprika. The robust flavors of the pork echo the wine's spice, creating a dynamic and savory combination.

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