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2021 Radford Dale Chardonnay

2021 Radford Dale Chardonnay
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13.5%




100% Chardonnay


Let the fragrance of ripe tropical fruits, hints of citrus, and a touch of vanilla transport you to the sun-kissed landscapes where the grapes are lovingly cultivated.


Picture the succulent embrace of juicy pineapple, the zesty burst of lemon, and a delicate touch of toasted oak.



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More about this wine from South Africa
The 2021 Radford Dale Chardonnay invites you to savor the essence of South Africa in every sip. Crafted with passion and precision, this wine encapsulates the vibrancy and diversity of the Cape Winelands. As you pour a glass, be captivated by its luminous golden hue, reminiscent of the South African sun glistening on the vineyards.

South Africa's winemaking culture is as diverse as its people and landscapes. The vineyards that give life to this Chardonnay are a reflection of this rich heritage. From the rolling hills of Stellenbosch to the coastal regions of Walker Bay, South Africa's winemakers infuse their wines with a distinct sense of place.

The 2021 Radford Dale Chardonnay beckons you to explore the depths of South African winemaking, where each sip uncovers a new facet of flavor and a connection to the country's vinicultural heritage.

How to drink it

Pro Tip:

To fully appreciate the Radford Dale Chardonnay, pair it with seafood delicacies or creamy poultry dishes. Imagine savoring a perfectly grilled lobster tail, where the wine's crisp acidity complements the sweet, delicate flavors of the seafood.

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