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2020 Pica Pau Portugal Rosé*

2020 Pica Pau Portugal Rosé*
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12.5%




Castelao & Cabernet Sauvignon


Picture the scent of ripe raspberries and strawberries mingling with hints of citrus and wildflowers, like a stroll through a Portuguese garden in full bloom.


Experience a burst of of biting into a fresh strawberry, balanced by a refreshing acidity that invigorates the senses.



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*Bronze Winner- Decanter World Wine Awards

Portuguese winemaker Hermano Veloso was discovered in the UK, where his easy-drinking red and white blends have been massive hits. Now his crowd-favorite Portugal wines are coming stateside for the first time! Born and raised in Portugal's capital region, Lisboa, Hermano knows the area and its signature grapes better than anyone, bringing generations of winemaking expertise to every wine he crafts for you.

"Pica Pau" translates to "Woodpecker" in Portuguese, a nod to this wine's lively and spirited nature. Like the woodpecker's energetic pecking, Pica Pau Rosé is bursting with flavor and vitality, offering a taste of Portuguese joie de vivre in every sip.
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Pro Tip:

Chicken seasoned with Sazon is a delightful pairing. The vibrant flavors of the seasoned chicken, with its aromatic spices and savory notes, complement the lively fruitiness and refreshing acidity of the wine.

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