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2020 Los Tres Pacos Mas Buscados Tempranillo-Petit Verdot*

2020 Los Tres Pacos Mas Buscados Tempranillo-Petit Verdot*
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 14.5%




80% Tempranillo & 20% Petit Verdot


Take a deep breath and dive into a world of intrigue, where the scent of ripe berries collides with whispers of spice, luring you into a taste experience like no other.


A succulent, juicy red bursting with ripe blackberry and spicy character. Criminally drinkable, its vibrant fruit driven style and easy balance make for the perfect anytime red.



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More about this wine from La Mancha, Spain
Meet our adventurous amigo, Los Tres Pacos Mas Buscados Tempranillo-Petit Verdot 2020, a dynamic duo of flavors from Spain's enchanting countryside.

Picture yourself amidst the rolling hills of La Mancha, where tales of daring roam free and flavors dance upon the palate. This Tempranillo-Petit Verdot blend is a celebration of boldness and finesse, crafted with passion and finesse by those who know the land like the back of their hand.

"Los Tres Pacos Mas Buscados" translates to "The Three Most Wanted," a nod to the three renowned winemakers wanted for producing grapes of criminal succulence and concentration. Together, they are long term, committed offenders that have been known to cut bunches and slash yields, letting nothing stand in their way.
How to drink it

Pro Tip:

Why not try a plate of smoky chorizo and Manchego cheese? The savory notes of the sausage and the creamy texture of the cheese will elevate the wine's fruity character, making for a partnership that's nothing short of criminal in its deliciousness.

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