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2018 Dashe Cellars 'Delta Reds' Blend

2018 Dashe Cellars 'Delta Reds' Blend
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13.9%




42% Carignane, 18% Mourvèdre, 16% Teraldego, 15% Tannat, 5% Zinfandel, 2% Barbera, 2% Petite Sirah


Black raspberry, current, plum, cranberry and pomegranate. Spicy notes of black pepper, tar, and earth.


A lush, velvety, attractive wine with beautiful fruit flavors and balance. Entry is of black raspberry and black cherry, pomegranate, tar. and a peppery spice, rich minerality.



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More about this wine from California, USA
89 Points- Wine Enthusiast

Who would have thought that just a short distance from San Francisco one could find 100-year-old vines of Zinfandel, Carignane, Mouvedre, as well as newer plantings of more uncommon varietals such as Teraldego, Tannat, Barbera, and Petite Sirah? We didn’t. So, with a bit of exploration we were shocked to find such a wealth of grapes within just an hour or so of the Dashe Cellars winery. In the rich delta soils of the San Francisco Bay, where the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers meander into the bay, we found a wealth of superb grapes waiting to be turned into a unique wine. We realized that the cool breezes and hot days of the area forged interesting red grapes—a “Delta Red” blend—that with careful blending, could make a luscious, delicious wine. The result, which we call simply “Delta Reds,” has outstripped our wildest hopes.
How to drink it

Pro Tip:

Why not whip up a batch of spicy barbecue ribs or a tangy pulled pork sandwich? The Delta Reds' subtle oak notes and balanced acidity make it an ideal partner for smoky, savory flavors with a kick.

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