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Rockwell Vermouth Co. Extra Dry NV

Rockwell Vermouth Co. Extra Dry NV
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 16.5%




100% Symphony


Taking a hayride on a warm dusty road through ripe strawberry patches


A party of sage, apricot and spearmint



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More about this wine from California
Vermouth, you think of it as the backbone of a classic Martini or the beloved Manhattan. So why is a cocktail shotgun rider being offered up by WA? Well, vermouth is actually a wine. Back in the day, wine could be, ahem, improved, so they added medicinal “aromatics” like herbs, bark, roots, and spices to the base. And so vermouth went on to become what it is today, a European aperitif enjoyed over ice or as a cocktail mixer.

Most of the vermouth you’ll come across is French or Italian and made with wormwood (Artemisia), but we’ve discovered Rockwell, an American brand that foraged for Artemisia Californica – wormwood’s cousin — locally in the Carmel Valley hillsides to create the perfect American vermouth. Their Extra Dry vermouth has all the classic herbaceous flavors, but because of their hyper-local Cali Artemisia, it’s more aromatic than traditional wormwood-based vermouths. And this delicious, New World-style can only be described as a Rockwell. You might want to have your smartphone handy to Insta capture the best Martini you’ve ever made.
How to drink it

Pro Tip:

Dry vermouth is like the white wine of the spirit world. So nice sharp salads and seafood are a natural match. Pick up the freshest, most local shellfish you can find for a tasty treat, like these Grilled Oysters.

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