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2016 Ram's Gate Sonoma Coast Chardonnay*

2016 Ram's Gate Sonoma Coast Chardonnay*
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 14.1%




100% Chardonnay


Imagine strolling through an orchard filled with ripe apples and pears on a crisp, sunny day. That's exactly what you'll find in your glass, with a subtle hint of toasted oak that's like a warm, welcoming hug from the Californian sun.


It's like a day at the beach with your toes in the sand and the ocean breeze on your face. The wine brings forth flavors of fresh apple and pear, with a hint of vanilla and a touch of citrus zest.
More about this wine from Sonoma Coast, California
Born in the beautiful Sonoma Coast, this wine is like a sip of California's coastal breeze in a bottle. Nestled between rolling hills and the mighty Pacific Ocean, the Ram's Gate Winery boasts a stunning location that's just as impressive as the wine it produces. The cool climate and fertile soil of the Sonoma Coast create the perfect backdrop for Chardonnay grapes to thrive, resulting in a wine that's the epitome of laid-back West Coast charm.

So, whether you're sipping on this Chardonnay during a cozy evening at home or at a gathering with friends, it's sure to be the life of the party. The 2016 Ram's Gate Sonoma Coast Chardonnay is a slice of the California dream in a bottle, ready to bring a taste of the Sonoma Coast to your glass. Cheers to the easygoing, sun-soaked vibes of California's wine country!
How to drink it

Pro Tip:

Chardonnay can handle dishes with a touch of spice, such as Thai or Indian cuisine, particularly if they feature creamy or coconut-based sauces.

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