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2015 Fun Wine Co California White (Pinot Grigio)

2015 Fun Wine Co California White (Pinot Grigio)
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: %




100% Pinot Grigio


Fresh-picked Granny Smith apples, like getting tipsy at the orchard


Tight, steely, and refreshing as hell, it's everything you want out of a Pinot Grigio from California.


9 Ratings

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More about this wine from California
One of our most awesome additions to the WA wine fam this year is Anthony Allport. Allport is the founder of one of New Zealand’s leading wine import companies, representing family-owned and estate-grown wineries with a focus on sustainability. We love his small production wines from family farms, but he also has a flair for kick-ass labels that make for an excellent first impression when the bottles arrive in the USA.

So it's no surprise that Allport has collaborated with internet meme queen Violet Benson AKA @daddyissues_ to create one of the most gulp-able white wines we've come across in 2019. This wine is for when you're too tired to think and you're just in need of a guilty pleasure. The nose is all about fresh-picked Granny Smith apples and the palate is tight, steely, and refreshing and certain to wash away even the worst 12-hour day at the office.
How to drink it


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