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Lacrima Purpura White

Lacrima Purpura White
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12%




Airen, Merseguera, Viura


So fresh and so clean scents of wild flowers and white fruits.


Notes of orchard-fresh apples and crisp pear evoke a sense of harvest's bounty, while a delicate whisper of honeyed sweetness evokes a sunlit afternoon picnic.



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More about this wine from Spain
In the heart of Spain's Utel-Requena region, a canvas is painted with the hues of twilight, where every brushstroke captures the serene beauty of this Spanish terroir. The vines, kissed by gentle zephyrs that sweep through the rolling hills, bear witness to the artistry of nature's touch. These resilient vineyards stand as sentinels, their roots diving deep into the earth's embrace, seeking nourishment from the ancient limestone soils.

Lacrima Purpura is born from the marriage of indigenous grape varietals, meticulously selected to showcase the terroir's unique character. Air, like a silken thread, weaves its way through the ancient cellars where the wine rests, bestowing upon it an extraordinary depth and complexity. As it matures, the wine embraces the passage of time with grace, capturing the essence of its surroundings. It is a tale that unfolds on the palate—a journey through orchards laden with apricots, meadows blooming with wildflowers, and the gentle whisper of herbs carried on the breeze.

How to drink it

Pro Tip:

We recommend serving this wine chilled then pairing it with a seafood/fish appetizer like this stunning Spicy Shrimp Toast.

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