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2022 Donama Syrah

2022 Donama Syrah
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13.8%




100% Syrah


Swirl your glass gently, and the tantalizing notes of dark berries, intertwined with a subtle spice, will surely enchant your olfactory senses.


Dark cherries, blueberries, and figs take center stage, accompanied by a touch of vanilla and a hint of spice – a flavorful journey that evolves with every sip.



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More about this wine from Argentina
Picture the picturesque landscapes of Mendoza, Argentina – where the sun kisses the vineyards, and the Andes Mountains stand guard. Nestled in this terroir of perfection, the Donama Syrah grapes bask in the ideal climate, creating a wine that encapsulates the essence of its origin.

Usually used as a blending juice in Argentina, a pure Syrah from Argentina is relatively rare (though growing in popularity). Syrah, you see, is a grape that craves adventure. It's picky about where it lays its roots. Argentina's terroir, with its diverse microclimates and varying altitudes, isn't always the first choice for this grape. But when it finds the perfect spot – ah, that's when the magic happens!

How to drink it

Pro Tip:

Earthy flavors of mushrooms harmonize with the wine's profile. Try a mushroom risotto, stuffed mushrooms, or a truffle-infused pasta.

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Starlit Afternoon- Craig Stickland

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