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Ponte Prosecco Spumante Treviso DOC Extra Dry

Ponte Prosecco Spumante Treviso DOC Extra Dry
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 11%




Glera Blend


Sprinting through a field of wildflowers.


Tumbling through grass filled with white wisteria and herbs.



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More about this wine from Venito, Italy (Treviso DOC)
Oh, how we love a Spumante - Italy’s answer to Champagne. We are especially impressed when we find a bottle from the northern Italian region of Veneto, which is only one of eight provinces which produce sparkling wine that can be called Prosecco. Cultivated on the plains that abut the river Piave, extending all the way to the edge of a lagoon, this particular bottle has a beautiful bright, straw yellow hue that exudes effervescent freshness. It’s persistent enough to enjoy sip after sip - and ideal served chilled at all your upcoming celebratory evenings.
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Pro Tip:

Prosecco and fresh tuna are simply besties. We're loving the spice of this Korean Style Seared Tuna with these extra dry bubbles.

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