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Ocone Bozzovich Beneventano Bianco IGT, NV

Ocone Bozzovich Beneventano Bianco IGT, NV
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 14%




50% Falanghina, 30% Fiano, 20% Greco


Orange blossoms sprouting from the seeds of grapefruit.


A tropically herbal seaside paradise.

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More about this wine from Ponte, Campania, Italy Beneventano Bianco IGT
Let’s start with what is on the outside: this playful label was restyled from a Bozzovich art-nouveau poster that marketed the Ocone wines in the 1940's. To honor Bozzovich and the legacy of the family, the new owners, the Vergonas, named their special collection of wines after him. And in this organic bottle, from their Ponte winery that sits in the Campania region near Naples, is a mix of Falanghina, Fiano and Greco grapes that have been a staple here for centuries. These grapes love to play in the sandbox well together, so prepare yourself for a fresh and luscious, tropically herbal full-bodied vino.
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Can't go wrong with any super light Italian pasta where the pasta is the star of the show.

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