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2019 Vallone Versante Primitivo

2019 Vallone Versante Primitivo
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13%




100% Primitivo


Super ripe plums and cherries plunging into spice.


Currants and plums getting sassed by spice.



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More about this wine from Salento, Italy
Primitivo is a grape that’s a bit under the radar, but we’re excited to introduce those of you to it who haven’t had the pleasure. In a nutshell, Primitivo is the Italian name for Zinfandel, and it was once known primarily as a blending grape, but some intrepid winemakers have helped shed its skin, so to speak, and began to make distinct 100% Primitivos, like this bottle right here. It was made in Puglia, sourced from Vallone’s 15th century Brindisi estate in southern Italy, where this grape is actually the third most planted! So if you want a break from your usual red, give this big and rustic Italian Zin with a sweet finish a try.
How to drink it

Pro Tip:

Primitivo loves rich dishes, so slap some mozz on your eggplant parm.

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