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2019 Hermann Moser 'Rosi Mosi' Rosé

2019 Hermann Moser 'Rosi Mosi' Rosé
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12.5%




100% Zweigelt


Summer... Snacking on ripe strawberries on a picnic blanket


All that summer fruit flavor finishes with a crisp finale


7 Ratings
More about this wine from Austria
Raise your hand if you’ve experienced the delights of an Austrian Rosé before… As we suspected, not too many of you out there. Welcome! We are excited to introduce you to this absolute gem of a wine from the Wolfsgraben Vineyard, or “The Wolf’s Den.” Like so many... most… okay, pretty much all rosés, it is light and delicious — as you would expect. But what makes this bottle stand out is the marked effervescence that only a Zweigelt grape, an Austrian fan favorite, can provide. Enjoy!
How to drink it

Pro Tip:

This rosé is summer in a bottle, so pair it with a quintessential summer dish... Baby Back Ribs with Tamarind Glaze. The sweet & tart glaze is so good with this vino.

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Try it with our Baby Back Ribs with Tamarind Glaze recipe.