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2018 Hook & Ladder Russian River Zinfandel*

2018 Hook & Ladder Russian River Zinfandel*
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 15.2%




100% Zinfandel


Upon gently swirling your glass, your olfactory senses are greeted by a burst of ripe, juicy blackberries, as if plucked straight from a wild vine that thrives under the Californian sun. You'll notice a hint of cracked black pepper and a touch of floral


As you take that first sip, imagine the flavors swirling like a vibrant dance – dark berries twirling alongside subtle spices, a harmonious tango of taste on your palate.
More about this wine from Russian River Valley AVA, California
Imagine a tale where wine and heroism intertwine. It all began when a firefighter with an insatiable zest for life decided to turn his love for grapes into liquid art. With the same dedication that keeps flames at bay, he embarked on a journey to create wines that spark excitement and ignite your taste buds.

In 1970, San Francisco firefighter Cecil De Loach, and his wife Christine, purchased the prized Barbieri Ranch in Russian River Valley’s coveted Olivet Road district. Both came armed with advanced degrees in anthropology but no background in farming or grape growing. That said, they had long dreamt of finding land their family could own and work together. For his part, Louis Barbieri, whose father Itilo planted the vineyard in 1905, was gratified to pass the vineyard on to a family committed to honoring its past and stewarding its future.

The 2018 Zinfandel is a testament to this journey. It's a bold expression of the Russian River Valley's unique character, with each sip painting a vivid picture of the region's terroir. Rich, vibrant, and unapologetically robust, this Zinfandel is a true reflection of the land's spirit – hearty and full of life.
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Pair this Zinfandel with hearty, rustic fare – think smoky barbecues and gatherings where laughter echoes like music. Imagine it alongside slow-cooked meats that fall off the bone, a chorus of flavors that play in perfect harmony with the wine's bold pers

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