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2020 Clara Sala Sicilia Bianco

2020 Clara Sala Sicilia Bianco
Volume: 750 mL




100% Grillo


A burst of tropical citrus like using fruit to play the steel drums


Bright and drinkable, with hints of grilled peach baptized by a spritz of salty beach sea breeze.


31 Ratings
More about this wine from Sicily, Italy
Grillo... it kinda sounds like a Brillo pad to clean up your grill, but, oh no, it isn't used for cleaning (except to wash down some delicious grub that may or may not come off the grill). Grillo is an indigenous grape to Sicily and one of the new white wine varietals that we've fallen hard for in 2019.

The organic vineyard and winery are run by two sisters, Clara and Anna Maria Sala, in the town of Mazara del Vallo (a Sicilian city well known for its fishing and famous for its shrimp). A bird sanctuary surrounds the 115-hectare property and is 100% women-owned, which is all too rare in Italy. The nose is all about tropical citrus and the sipping is like grilled peaches splashed with a spritz of a salty beach sea breeze.
How to drink it

Pro Tip:

Your friend from college is having a destination wedding and it's the perfect excuse to take off work and fly to Mexico. The ceremony is finally over and you get to sit back, relax, and drink with your feet in the sand.

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