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2020 Tattoo Girl Riesling

2020 Tattoo Girl Riesling
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 11.2%




96% Riesling, 4% Chardonnay


Honeyed apples baked into a lemon meringue pie.


Peach nectar cascading into apples and magnolia blossoms.



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More about this wine from Ancient Lakes, Snipes Mountain, Washington
Tattoos have been a part of culture for almost as long as wine. The winery behind this bottle, Tattoo Girl, reminds us that both art forms tell stories about where we’ve been and how we can evolve in the future. The winemakers combined their wine with unique tattoo artwork to showcase each bottle while celebrating the wine drinker — those who are bold and authentic in their actions, free in their conversations, and excited to celebrate life’s beautiful moments. And from Washington state’s Wahluke Slope and Snipes Mountain, their crisp Riesling (with a touch of Chard) is totally refreshing and all natural, totally thirst quenching and perfect for all your seafoods.
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This Riesling is going to make this black bass fish sing.

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