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2020 Nathalie Larroque Gaillac Perlé

2020 Nathalie Larroque Gaillac Perlé
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13%




80% Mauzac, 20% Muscadelle


Pure childhood summer, like freshly squeezed lemonade and freshly cut grass


Light and refreshing with a delicate bite from tiny bubbles, while tropical fruit and green apple have a staring contest.



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More about this wine from Gaillac, France (Southwest France)
Biodynamic. HVE certified. Low sulfur. Wild yeast. Bio-cork. Yeah, basically a bunch of wine geek buzz words and they all pertain to this french vino. We don't think you even need to know exactly what they all mean (HVE = High Environmental Value), but it does mean this juice brings quality to the yard. This vino hails from Gaillac in Southwest France from an estate that's been making wine since 1498 AKA when Columbus was exploring the New World. The region is the 2nd oldest known vineyard area in France. The winemaker, Nathalie Larroque, and her family live on this family farm. Nathalie rescues old varietals like the Mauzac in this blend.

The nose is quite like a Leave it to Beaver nostalgic moment like your dad cutting the front lawn and mom making freshly squeezed lemonade. The palate is light and refreshing with tropical fruit and green apple in a staring contest. The juice is known as "Perlé," which translates to tiny bubbles in the wine, making it perfect for a pre-dinner sip.

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You've spent the whole day out and about and after a much needed power nap you're back in the game and getting ready to go out for dinner. The speaker is full blast and you're dancing in the mirror as you complete your look.

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