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2020 Montsablé Pinot Noir

2020 Montsablé Pinot Noir
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13%




100% Pinot Noir


Fresh cherries dressed in floral garments.


Berries tumbling through the bramble.



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More about this wine from Pays d'Oc, France
From the village of Puicheric, close to Carcassonne in the Southeast region of France, comes this 100% Pinot Noir. It's been highly influenced by the Aude River, its shallow soils that are chalky clay, and it was tempered by the cooling effect of the strong northerly winds. Inspired by this spirit of place, ‘L’esprit de lieu’, this raw and wild landscape of the Languedoc region produced this perfectly balanced and perfumed, ruby red-colored Pinot. It’s super drinkable and can be chilled, ready for your summer dishes, or in the fall to pair with your root veggies and soups.
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Give this wine a bit of earthiness, like this mushroom-infused pasta.

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