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2020 Encomienda De Cervera "Horten" Tempranillo

2020 Encomienda De Cervera "Horten" Tempranillo
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 14.3%




Tempranillo - Graciano blend


Red and dark fruits do the tango on their way out of this bottle


Like a velvety fruit-laden curtain across your tongue



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More about this wine from Campo de Calatrava, Almagro, Spain (Volcanic Soils)
From the beating Spanish heart of the Volcanic Massif of Campo de Calatrava in the culturally vibrant city of Almagro, you’ll find olive groves and a winery, Encomienda de Cervera. It is nestled between valleys, mountains and the Guadiana River teeming with junipers, rosemary and thyme, lovingly overlooked by the Maar de la Hoya de Cervera Volcano. It is from this vineyard and this environment — of black and red soils of volcanic origin, rugged terrain with focused daytime sun tempered by cool nights — that this spicy Tempranillo was born. It is intense yet balanced and perfect for anything you throw on the grill.
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This wine’s going to love how you slather up and throw that bbq’d pork and rack of lamb on the grill

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