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2019 Gonc Winery Dry Yellow Muscat

2019 Gonc Winery Dry Yellow Muscat
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12%




100% Yellow Muscat


Crisp flowers and lychee make for a mean wrestling tag team


The nose carries on to the sippin with the floral fruitiness fading into a creamy, complex, and strikingly dry finish



Out of 47 ratings


More about this wine from Štajerska, Podravje Region, Slovenia
Melania is the most famous person from Slovenia since, well, ever. But there’s another Slavic star on the rise: Peter Gönc. His grandfather made Gönc wines, but was displaced during WW2, so his dreams came to an end. But Peter and his pops resurrected the winery, re-establishing his family’s birthright… tissue, please! Getting verklempt over here! From the tiny town of Ptuj, Peter’s been quietly crushing the wine game. (Sorry, we can’t pass up a good pun.) Though only in his 20s, he’s making wines of astonishing character that truly reflect their place, like this zesty Yellow Muscat.
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