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2019 Gonc Canvas Pet-Nat Pinot Blanc

2019 Gonc Canvas Pet-Nat Pinot Blanc
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12%




100% Pinot Blanc


Fresh lemon peel and almonds that trigger an image of wealth in the brain


Cloudy and juicy bubbles burst with flavors green grapes, lemons, and fresh herbs
More about this wine
Peter Gonc is a 4th generation winemaker and grape grower. His family tradition got its start in 1936 and now Peter is producing some of the most fun wines in Slovenia. Pétillant Naturel AKA Pét-Nats, so dubbed by the hip wine scene of today, are the trendy new-but-old style way to make bubbles. These wines are actually made using a method that pre-dates the Champagne style – and is way cheaper to do. Much like your parents’ old band tees and bell bottom jeans, they are back, and back with a vengeance.

This style of wine originated in France and is said to be the O.G. of the sparkling wine family. Only 300 total cases (12 packs) of these bubbles were produced, so we're super lucky to share them with you. These effervescent, refreshing bubbles with smells of fresh lemon and minerals, crisp pear and almonds springing form the bottle. The sippin' is all about green grapes, lemon peel and herbs with a slight hint of feeling fancy AF. The glass will look look and wild, with big juicy bubbles like an awesome Thursday night in college.
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