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2019 Gateway Vinho Verde

2019 Gateway Vinho Verde
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 9.5%




35% Arinto, 35% Loureiro, 30% Trajadura


Lime leaves, key lime pie, the ocean. Smells like a fresh breeze blowing through your window


Crisp, light-bodied, high acid with balanced fruit, this is a wine waiting to be chugged


35 Ratings
More about this wine from Vinho Verde, Portugal
Portuguese "green wine" aka Vinho Verde is the ultimate morning, noon, and night vinous partner. Its gentle fizz, modest alcohol, and citrus twist make for glass after glass of mouthwatering deliciousness. We like to think of it as Adult Sprite! Although Vinho Verde is technically a still wine, it has a slight effervescence that makes it fun and dangerously easy to drink. Its translation of “green wine” isn’t in reference to the color but to its youth. Vinho Verde wines are very young and intended to be drunk shortly after they’re produced. In fact, back in the day, because these wines were consumed so quickly after they were made, many producers didn’t even bother putting the wine’s vintage on the label.

This wine is as easy as they come. Low in alcohol, this wine is made for the summer heat. Vinho Verde has earned the nickname “porch pounder” for a reason. Put a chill on this wine, walk out on your porch and you will find out why. Light fruit and floral notes with high acidity, this is a summertime dream.
How to drink it


winning the wheelbarrow race and the egg toss at your company's adult field day

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