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2018 RAW Rosé

2018 RAW Rosé
It's certified organic! It's vegan! It's rosé! J.P. Bourgeois is a WA favorite when it comes to finding wine across France and Spain that ridiculously outperforms for the price point. He focuses solely on handcrafted, sustainably farmed, and organic wines that are almost always under 20 bucks. But this rosé from a co-op of family winemakers on the riverbanks of the village of Villanueva de Alcardete in the heart of La Mancha, Spain may be his best find yet. We're pumped to share it with you.

The juice is 100% certified organic and vegan with a perfectly pale pink hue that is perfect for day drinking and snacking on the beach and sneaking in a cat nap on the sand between each glass. The nose is dominated by aromas of ripe strawberries and wildflowers, and the sipping is round and lush with lively raspberries and citrus notes coming to life the more you sip.