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Reginato Torrontes-Chardonnay Brut NV

Reginato Torrontes-Chardonnay Brut NV
Volume: 750 mL




Meyer lemon, key lime, apples, toast, orange blossom.


Zesty bubbles with apple, citrus, kiwi, and shortbread crumbs.

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More about this wine
When it comes to tucking into a long slow brunch session, sparkling wine has no peer. Bubbles are a magical vinous elixir that cleanse both the mind and palate. With this effervescence come clouds of pleasure and optimism.

How could you go wrong starting out your day with the healthful benefits of a flute of fizz alongside eggs and spinach? Reginato is a mind-boggling and delicious un-traditional bubbly blend of Argentina's Muscat-like Torrontes grape and Chardonnay. It tastes like Champagne with an aromatic lift that brings keffir lime and exotic white flowers into view. It never crosses the line into sweet, Moscato lookalike territory- it's a bone dry bubbly that should be made mandatory for anyone who isn't having quite enough fun.
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