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2013 Recuerdo Torrontes

2013 Recuerdo Torrontes




Stunningly aromatic! Pickled sushi ginger, jasmine and meyer lemons


Exotic and tropical flavors that match the nose- soft and oily

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More about this wine
Torrontes is a white grape that's unique to Argentina. It likely emerged from the Muscat family of grapes, which becomes abundantly clear upon first whiff. It exudes highly fragrant tropical scents that slide between white flowers like gardenia and plumeria. You could probably wear the stuff as perfume, if you wanted.

This bottle is extra interesting because it has a few years of age on it, which has only made it more exotic and has added a complexity that can be found in whites from Alsace, France. Think of Torrontes as a dry Gewürztraminer that moved to Buenos Aires. It's Argentina's very own white grape, and it doesn't have to try too hard to make friends.
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Strolling through the lushest garden you've ever seen

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