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2014 Kindzmarauli Mtsvane

2014 Kindzmarauli Mtsvane
Volume: 750 mL




A citrus and fruit wrestling match


A Houdini-like body that starts out contained but escapes into tropical freshness

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More about this wine
Mtsvane is a Georgian grape also known by about one million other names: Dedali Mtsvane, Dedam Kourdzeni, Dedat Kourdzeni, Mamali Mtsvane, Mciknara, Mtchknara, Mtzvane Kakhuri, Mzibani, Sapena and (somehow) the list goes on.

Perhaps it's because this grape goes by so many names that the resulting wine can't fully decide what it wants to be. It gives off an aroma reminiscent of Sake, which is a surprise, but a very pleasant one because Sake rules. Add to that Sake scent bright lemon-y citrus, baskets of fruit and green, herby vibes that keep the wine interesting and unexpected. This is truly unique juice that will keep you guessing and (more importantly) going straight back to the bottle.

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