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2017 Estampa Viognier Reserva

2017 Estampa Viognier Reserva
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 14%




90% Viognier, 10% Chardonnay


Citrusy lemon curd, muted Meyer lemon blossoms, canned pineapple and honeydew rinds.


This tastes like a dry cantaloupe Jolly Rancher. Slightly floral, raw honeycomb-slathered.

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More about this wine from Colchagua Valley, Chile
Viña Estampa focuses on creating wines that serve to highlight the varietals used and the region they come from, the Colchagua Valley. It is also the only winery in Chile that specializes specifically in blending well-balanced wines! The two varieties in this wine, Viognier and Chardonnay, were vinified separately then blended together to make this easy-drinking, tasty vino!

Full of round, underripe oranges. Crunchy yellow leaves, freshly budding white jasmine and clean white sand. This is a beautiful wine that pairs great with Wednesdays and impromptu visits from friends. On the nose, you’ll find cheerful and bright sun-soaked orange fruit, kumquats and yellow apple-infused jam (if that’s a thing). Tastes of salty raindrops and open summer windows, warm breeze a-flowin’, and feels like hanging out with your soulmate.
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Cozying up in a cashmere blanket waiting for spring.

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The Funeral – Band of Horses


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