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2016 Medimer, Piquepoul

2016 Medimer, Piquepoul
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12%




100% Piquepoul


Dewy sage and fresh trimmed suburban grass, wet sidewalk chalk and white rose petals.


Light body, chuggable and briney. Crisp and clean with a length that doesn’t linger.

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More about this wine from Languedoc, France
Piquepoul is a light-skinned grape we don’t frequently see, but down in the Côtes de Thau area, close to Languedoc, it’s fairly common. Piquepoul, along with Cinsault, is one of the oldest grapes from the area - so winemakers are no stranger to the grape and know how to turn it into some tasty juice.

Because Piquepoul is a lesser-known grape you can easily find for a steal. The perfect wine for the scrappy, hungry, go-getters of today - the people who need a glass of wine to help them chill in between hustling like there is no tomorrow. With a low ABV, it will relax you after a long day without hurting you the next morning, and it's bone dry so you can keep on sipping all night long.
How to drink it


Catching the first snow on your tongue, bundled head to toe.

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