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2016 Domaine Laffitte, Côtes de Gascogne

2016 Domaine Laffitte, Côtes de Gascogne
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 11.5%




70% Colombard, 30% Ugni-Blanc


Smells like freshly bloomed white Easter lilies drizzled with fragrant raw honey comb.


Tart lemon curd and snow peas. Light body with acidity that puckers the back of the jaw.

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More about this wine from Gascony, France
The Laffitte family has lived in Gascony, France since the 15th century, so they’re familiar with the land. Each generation only had one son to pass the property down to throughout the centuries, until now. Two brothers, Christophe and Sebastien, have continued the family legacy of making wine in their hometown.

This is the kind of wine that you can spend late nights with howling at the moon and begging for an endless summer. A white that doesn’t need to be paired with the perfect meal, it’s fine by itself...but matching it up with some light seafood wouldn't be a bad idea either. Smells like dried apricot skin and wet sand. Tastes like licking midnight dew drops off soft Kelly green leaves.
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Walking along a cold overcast coast breathing in the fog.

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