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2015 Rock Point Pinot Gris

2015 Rock Point Pinot Gris
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13.2%




100% Pinot Gris


Smells like a straw hat in late summer, the aroma of yellow pastures enveloping you.


Light body with a crispness that waltz’s slowly to the back of the palate.

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More about this wine from Gold Hill, Oregon
While California tends to dominate west coast wine production, Oregon has its own thing going on. This wine comes from an area with a rich pioneer-era history of territory wars, gold mining and development brought by the rail road. Now, however, it's just a quite vineyard producing some deliciously complex wine!

There is a kaleidoscope of textures, aromas and tastes unparalleled in this bottle: salt, toast and citrus. Tastes like opening your eyes to yellow sun beams flooding your bedroom. Sitting up in cloud white sheets, stretching your palms to the baby blue sky out the open windows. Wispy curtains dance in the draft coming off the ocean and you can taste the brine hanging in the air by just breathing deep.
How to drink it


Dancing like nobody's watching under a yellow sunset.

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