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2015 Caves Velhas, Encostas do Douro, White Blend

2015 Caves Velhas, Encostas do Douro, White Blend
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12.50%




40% Viosinho, 30% Rabigato, 30% Gouveio


Fresh white plumeria and jasmine flowers wilting in to your icy Sonic limeade.


At first, this juice makes your mouth pucker like a sour lemon lime candy, but then twists to tango with black pepper.

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More about this wine from Douro, Portugal
A white blend made from three distinct and indigenous varietals that call Portugal home. This is a certified wine (hence the DOC, or denomination of origin). Portugal is very proud of its regional specificities and as such has 31 different regulated winemaking regions - that’s a lot for a country that is a quarter of the size of California.

Combining forces these three hard-to-pronounce grapes make for a very easy drinking, crowd pleasing table wine. This means it’s perfect for entertaining but also for popping open solo after a long day at the office when you just need some time alone with your vino. It will remind you of eating sour candies in the back of the car on a long road trip, and washing them down with salt and pepper french fries.
How to drink it


Eating Cinnabon while waiting for a flight out of Vegas after losing your dignity.

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