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2015 Arios “Aguafuerte” Trajadura

2015 Arios “Aguafuerte” Trajadura
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 11%




100% Trajadura


Fresh-pressed white peach juice with a touch of baking spice, peonies and Easter lilies.


Sun-soaked smashed yellow fruit. Honey dripping. Round with a touch of acid on the palate.

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More about this wine from Vinho Verde, Portugal
Vinho Verde is a wine region in Portugal primarily known for its whites. This particular white is made from the Trajadura grape that is commonly found in Vinho Verde wines. Although the grape has traditionally been used for blending, it’s becoming more common to see it as a single varietal wine. With its high alcohol content, low acidity and crisp citrus notes, Trajadura makes a great team player in blends which this bottle is a great example of!

This wine is tangy and soft on the palate. It lends its round body to a warmth that coats the back of your mouth and makes your insides feel tingly and warm like they are lined with a layer of satin. Clean, with a baby touch of baking spice: nutmeg, clove, cinnamon. The palate is also greeted with notes of candied ginger and sunny spring morning sunbeams.
How to drink it


Sitting on a silky green knoll, breathing crisp clean air.

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