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2014 Paxton, Pinot Gris

2014 Paxton, Pinot Gris
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13%




100% Pinot Gris


Fleshy golden apples with white flowers. Fresh tangerine juice drizzled over a jar of lemon curd.


Round and creamy, deep and almost-but-not-too sweet, earth that is dry, dusty and fresh.

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More about this wine from McLaren Vale, Australia
This Pinot Gris hails from family-owned vineyards in Southern Australia, and - in a region where red wines are more dominant - is a real stand-out. The label’s founder, David Paxton, is a viticulturalist by trade (think: grape vine scientist) and for three decades has taken very precious care of his land, committing to environmentally friendly biodynamic farming methods that rely on promoting healthy and happy soil, rather than synthetic pesticides.

A glass of this wine is like drinking the essence of a canary; bright, bubbly and fresh, clean laundry warm from being dried in the sun. Caramel covered lemon drops. Acidity that is shy and falls behind, hesitantly peaking its head out on the finish. Grilled lemon rinds, dotted with sea salt and nutmeg.
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Climbing mammoth rock formations that have angrily jutted out of the earth.

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