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2014 Jeannette Eger, Feinherb Riesling

2014 Jeannette Eger, Feinherb Riesling
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 13.50%




100% Riesling


Epson salt with a touch of new plastic shower curtain and grapefruit


Key lime pie, orange rind and mineral water sucked out of a crazy straw

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More about this wine from Pfalz, Germany
Jeannette Eger's family owns a very large grape-growing and winemaking operation in southwest Germany. Jeannette worked in her family's winery until she started to dislike working in a large commercial project and wanted to be more hands on. In 2008 she obtained five acres of prime vineyard from her family and gradually changed growing practices so that today she is finally doing everything by hand.

Feinherb has a rare quality when it comes to German wine as it is categorized as "general," meaning that it has a little more sugar than "halbtrocken" (half-dry). This wine actually has sugar in it - but don't let that scare you. It's a shot of lime-aid and river rocks and the sugar is balanced with sharp acidity making it refreshing and pleasant rather than cloying and sticky.
How to drink it


A night in with Chinese takeout or a Polish sausage festival

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The Robots - Kraftwerk


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