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2014 Azul y Garanza Viura

2014 Azul y Garanza Viura




Lemon, lime, apple, pear, gum drops, chalk dust, Spring flowers.


Zesty citrus with round pear and apple fruit that adds texture and weight.

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In Spain, Viura is known as a bit of a workhorse white grape. In truth, it rarely reaches beyond pretty basic stuff. However, in the loving hands of María Barrena, it is a far more fascinating species.

Hand-picked grapes, strictly organic farming, wild yeast fermentation and the far out, lunar-looking landscape of Spain's Navarra region combine for a zesty, orchard fruit stuffed Viura. It’s so good they couldn't fit it all into a regular sized bottle. Yup, one whole liter of good looking, super tasting Spanish blanco. Navarra is blessed with hot days and chilly nights, giving the wine that perky acidity and round flavor you’re about to fall in love with.
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