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2014 Aríos, Aguafuerte, Albariño

2014 Aríos, Aguafuerte, Albariño
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12.50%




100% Albariño


Bursting with freshly macerated white peaches and an enormous bouquet of green leafy herbs.


Freshly squeezed mint lemonade with the texture of getting sand in your mouth while lounging on the beach.

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More about this wine from Galicia, Spain
This wine hails from Galicia - the "land of 1000 rivers." The vineyard where these grapes were grown sits on a slope between two estuaries and just upstream from the Umia river - which is what gives the soil its gravelly, silty texture that translates into the wine. These vines are young - they're not even 21 yet! - but the region's winemaking history dates back centuries.

This Albariño tastes like walking down the yellow brick road, skipping along singing songs about nothing and loving every second of it. The juice is so damn cheery, slightly off-dry but so luminous and shiny on the palate. This wine makes your mouth feel like you've just consumed a jar of fireflies. Crunchy citrus, gold tropical fruit and sunshine in a glass!
How to drink it


Dipping your toes into a delicately flowing stream on a mid-morning hike.

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