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2014 Alaia Verdejo

2014 Alaia Verdejo
Volume: 750 mL , Alcohol: 12%




100% Verdejo


Sandy seashells and sun-drenched lemon rinds with honeyed floral notes dripping in sandstone.


Round and full, plush and clean, soft and silky toting a sexy medium body.

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More about this wine from Castilla-Leon, Spain
A lot of TLC went into this Spanish wine. The juice was monitored and tested daily to control the fermentation process and to prevent oxidation thus producing a high quality wine. This verdejo hails from Castilla y Leon where the wine culture is over 2,000 years old. Red wine dominates in this region so when we find a tasty white from the area, it’s definitely worth trying.

A medium body white wine that is bursting with notes of bruised peaches, tropical citrus and white flower notes all cloaked in an ash-like minerality. Hints of orange, wet, slightly soft and freshly fallen autumn leaves. Tastes like chewing on thin-petaled flowers that grow through shrubs in an English tea garden. Ready to drink and will brighten up any palate.

How to drink it


Laying under a clear midnight sky on warm flannel blankets.

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