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Mates Grapes Wine Club

Discover 12 of the best Australian & New Zealand wines for $249 $199 + free delivery every 3 months.

Family Owned. Estate Grown. Sustainable Practices. No Additives. Vegan.

Wine Awesomeness has partnered with Anthony Allport to create the first quarterly wine club featuring regions and varietals from Australia and New Zealand. We promise these wines will overdeliver and you’ll discover the incredible value this part of the world offers.

Who is Anthony Allport?

Anthony Allport

Originally from Canberra, Australia, Allport is the owner of Whanau Imports and one of the world’s top leaders in the wine business. With over 25 years of experience, he is an expert in marketing wine from Australia and New Zealand. Allport has lived in the US for over 15 years, where he has honed his craft, as well as built his company in New York City.

In addition to partnering with award-winning restaurants, wine retailers and distributors, Allport has been responsible for the launch of many Australian and New Zealand wines across the US.

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What You Get.

You'll receive 12 different AUS/NZ wines every three months.

$249 $199 + free delivery every 3 months.
Purchased separately, this would be over $249.

But wait there's more!
You'll also get 20% off our entire wine list + free delivery.

Truly no obligation. Seriously.
Cancel, skip a delivery any time.

Set Your Preference.

You can always change this, but let's get started.

All Reds

Reds × 2
2 of each featured red wine. No rosé or bubbles.
(12 total)

Red & White

All Wines
All 12 featured wines. Reds, whites, and a chance of rosé and bubbles.

All Whites

Whites × 2
2 of each featured white wine. Chance of rosé and bubbles. (12 total)


When does my box ship?

Your first box and subsequent boxes will ship within 2 business days after the order is placed. First boxes start shipping December 3rd, 2021.

When does my subscription renew?

If you sign up before Dec. 28th 2021, your next order will be set to Mar. 28th, 2022. Sign ups after Dec. 28th, 2021 will renew every 3 months on your subscription birthday. Ex. sign up Dec. 15th next order date will be Mar. 28th 2022. Sign up Feb 15th, your next order date will be April 15th.

What states do you ship to?

It’s easier to say where we don’t ship; AR, AL, MS, AK, UT, SD, HI. For shipping times (not peak season) check out our delivery map here.

Can I gift this?

Of course, just send it to a different address and make sure to include your recipient’s email address in the proper field at checkout so they get tracking notifications. You’ll be in charge of managing the subscription(s) through your own account but it’s pretty simple. You could send it to your brother, sister, mother and friends… it’s the gift that keeps giving.

Can I pick the wine?

That’s not really the goal, but we do allow you to select red or white, but otherwise, you’ll get all 12 wines we curated for that quarter. You’ll be able to preview the wines, so if you’re not into our selection, you can always skip a box and restock via our wine shop for 20% off (if you don’t cancel).

When do new wines come out?

We release our selections on the following drop dates; March 28th, June 28th, September 28th and December 28th. If you have an active membership, you’ll be emailed before those drop dates for early access and to preview what’s coming in your next box.

Can I buy more of what you send?

Absolutely. We will list all the wines we send in your box directly under the Australia / New Zealand category of our shop here.

Do I have to subscribe to get the wines?

No subscription required. You can wait for the wines to get listed here and buy them at full price, but we can't guarantee supply. Subscribers have priority and first access and a lot of the times, these wines are limited.

Can I change my subscription?

Absolutely. It’s super easy to change from red to white or variety and back again. You can also skip, cancel or change your renewal date in your online account. No phone calls or hoops to jump through :)