Preparing some Wine Awesomeness...

WA Manifesto

The wine world is held hostage by magazines read by geriatrics that deem specific wines successful by tagging them with an arbitrary score. This leads to the common misconception that good wine is only for aristocrats and PhD’s. This pretentious bull shit’s time has come and gone. Good wine is for the masses. No matter your age, socioeconomic status, or geographic location. Wine is for everyone!

Wine isn’t only for polite dinner parties. Wine is for every occasion whether you’re checking out a band at your local dive bar or attending your best friend’s baby shower. We recommend solo cups and burgundy just as we do crystal flutes and sparkling juice. Drink it out of your lover’s belly button for all we care. Wine is everywhere.

Wine can be complicated with tens of thousands of varietals, vintages, and regions. But six question quizzes and computers spitting out big data will not help you navigate the wine world. Wine is a journey that gets better and better the more you explore. Wine is discovery.


Our Promise

We guarantee to curate wines from artisanal producers; wines that not only outperform their category, but totally kickass!

We guarantee to fight against the common misconceptions of wine. Wine isn’t pretentious, because let’s be real…. at the end of the day, it’s just fermented grape juice.

We challenge you to be different, be adventurous and be confident, opposed to settling for that uninspired bottle of ‘critter wine’.

Whether you call yourself a wine rookie or have been swillin’ the juice for years, lead the charge with us as we liberate the wine world from the shackles of pretentiousness.

This is our cri de guerre. This is our declaration. This is the WA Manifesto.