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Tour de France 6-Pack

Tour de France 6-Pack

Tour de France 6-Pack

In this box, we’re going to take you deeper into the French wine country to open your palate to bottles made by smaller vintners plying their craft, making soul-stirring French wine.

This Chard isn’t one of those oak bombs you find in your parents’ wine cellar, so don’t be afraid to break it out at your next dinner party.

The wine shows a light salmon-pink hue and reveals on the nose aromas of peach and apricot along with hints of raspberries and rose petals. The wine is full and inviting in the mouth, with great refreshing crispness and a lively return of the aromas on the finish.

The aromas burst out with citrus and slowly take you down a green & grassy pathway. All those flavors breakdance across the taste buds with such style and smoothness.

This juice is notable for a beautiful fruit forward style with ripe red fruit coming out of the gate that settles into more complex notes of baking spice and a touch of pepper. It's easy drinking, well balanced, and pairs well with all kinds of foods or it's delightful just on its own.

The nose bursts like a Thanksgiving cornucopia loaded up with fresh-picked fruit like rhubarb, dark cherries, plums, and blackberries. The sippin is lush, fruity, and velvety. All that ripe fruit has a way of swishin' and swashin' all over your taste buds and cheeks with a lingering finish that is perfect on pizza night.

The vino is remarkably pure, balanced, and lengthy, bursting with a fruity character of red cherry and succulent strawberry.

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