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Mary Taylor European Vacation 6-Pack

Mary Taylor European Vacation 6-Pack

Mary Taylor European Vacation 6-Pack

Meet Mary Taylor... she's on a mission to easily explain that wine comes from very specific places. You may have already noticed, but her labels are elegant, all white adorned simply with the name of the winemaker and precisely where the wine is made. Wine doesn't have to be overly complex, after all... it's just grapes!

The nose is quite like a Leave it to Beaver nostalgic moment like your dad cutting the front lawn and mom making freshly squeezed lemonade. The palate is light and refreshing with tropical fruit and green apple in a staring contest.

The juice is all about fresh red fruits i.e. cranberries and pomegranates on the nose that persist through the palate and electrically charge the lush tannins that seem to hang out forever.

The wine shows a light salmon-pink hue and reveals on the nose aromas of peach and apricot along with hints of raspberries and rose petals. The wine is full and inviting in the mouth, with great refreshing crispness and a lively return of the aromas on the finish.

In this bottle you’ll find a brooding and powerful 100% Tempranillo, made in Vineyard Viña Aliaga in Spain’s Ribera Baja, an important wine-producing sub-zone of Navarra.

Having immigrated from Switzerland, the Gessler fam settled here in 1928. Now the 4th generation is running the show and operating a robust family business with 20 full-time employees. This classic French white smells like elegant flowers. The sippin' is all about plump and round fruit, bursting acidity, lemony and buttery in an elegant way, with a vein of greenness. Some tension, but a very, very bright finish that keeps your tastebuds coming back for more and more.

With this bottle, we have the pleasure of meeting and drinking the fruit of the labors of Cahors winemaker Didier Pelvillain, though you’ll find his mother Odile Delpon’s name on the label because it was Maman who planted the Malbec vines in this wine some 32 years ago.

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