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Sparkling Rosé 3-Pack

Sparkling Rosé 3-Pack

Sparkling Rosé 3-Pack

If there’s bubbly flowing, you know there’s a party going. We put together this box so you can appreciate the effervescent delights and array of styles of sparkling wine.

For an out-of-this-world wine experience, you’re going to want to get in on this Piquette — the latest natural-wine trend where water is added to grape pomace (the grape leftovers) and allowed to ferment. Et voilà!

This style of wine originated in France and is said to be the O.G. of the sparkling wine family. Only 300 total cases (12 packs) of these bubbles were produced, so we're super lucky to share them with you. The juice is screams summer with smells of ripe red fruit and freshly cut white flowers. The sippin' will make you think Sugar Free Watermelon and Strawberry flavored Pop Rocks got together to make a wine.

This classic French sparkling rosé shines a pale pink with glimmers of silver highlights that hold subtle strawberry aromas, sweet fresh herbs, and a keen mountain stone mineral edge that pops across the taste buds. The palate is as pure as can be in its golden apple, ripe & tart raspberry, dripping tropical fruit, and summery floral flavors. Oh, and it is uber dry, so no sugar-y hangover here.

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