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All-Star 12-Pack

All-Star 12-Pack

All-Star 12-Pack

It’s perfect for drinking with meats of all kinds, which means it’s time to break out that charcuterie board.

As this grape likes to do, it is dusty and intense, like an old cowboy movie, but flush with vitality and streaked with red fruit.

You have to admire Sangiovese. It asks for the best of what vintners and nature can give — and that’s why it’s the grape at the heart of Italy.

It goes without saying, this Brut Spumante pairs best with life’s most important and pleasurable moments.

This Chenin is drawn from specific vineyards, each with its unique character and terroir. The result is a white wine that’s lush, refreshing, and isn’t afraid to throw a punch of intense concentrated fruit, like citrus and pear.

The more you devote yourself to this white wine, the more you find yourself falling for its softness and its elegance.

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