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Mary Taylor European Vacation 6-Pack

Mary Taylor European Vacation 6-Pack

Mary Taylor European Vacation 6-Pack

Meet Mary Taylor... she's on a mission to easily explain that wine comes from very specific places. You may have already noticed, but her labels are elegant, all white adorned simply with the name of the winemaker and precisely where the wine is made. Wine doesn't have to be overly complex, after all... it's just grapes!

The nose is quite like a Leave it to Beaver nostalgic moment like your dad cutting the front lawn and mom making freshly squeezed lemonade. The palate is light and refreshing with tropical fruit and green apple in a staring contest.

The juice is all about fresh red fruits i.e. cranberries and pomegranates on the nose that persist through the palate and electrically charge the lush tannins that seem to hang out forever.

The juice has a cleansing acidity and flavors of citrus and melon. It possesses the deeper texture, elegance, and richness of body that are the region’s hallmarks.

In this bottle you’ll find a brooding and powerful 100% Tempranillo, made in Vineyard Viña Aliaga in Spain’s Ribera Baja, an important wine-producing sub-zone of Navarra.

Grillo is an indigenous grape to Sicily and one of the new white wine varietals that we've fallen hard for in 2019. The nose is all about tropical citrus and the sipping is like grilled peaches splashed with a spritz of a salty beach sea breeze.

This is a red wine that's perfect for the warm months of spring and summer! It aged in stainless steel, which leaves the juice approach-ably gulpable. The nose is a powerful but elegant fragrance of blackcurrant, blackberry, cherry, and blueberry. The sipping is delightfully uncomplicated with a lush roundness and the harmonious tannins leave the dark, ripe fruit notes sticking to your cheeks.

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